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Circular Economy. Climate Crisis. Embodied Carbon. Net Zero. Passive House. WELL.

EFA is a full service consulting firm and start-up incubator focused on putting the planet first. Subscribe to our podcast 2 Degrees C, offset your travel emissions with fliiTree, or check-out our services below to collaborate!

Illustrate sustainability visioning


Do you want your project to be ‘sustainable’? ‘Circular’? What are your metrics; CO2, energy, $$, LEED? We can support you from concept through to construction & operations.

Embodied carbon metrics and tracking

Carbon Modeling

What is your organization’s carbon footprint? What is the Embodied carbon of your building (think EC3)?? Do you need a Life Cycle Assessment done? We can help!

whole building energy modeling

Energy Modeling

Are you really maximizing your energy modeling dollars? Modeling should be done early and often; NET ZERO, Passive House, LEED, Code, Benchmarking; we do it all!

CFD modeling for HVAC design, ariflow optimization

CFD Modeling

What the heck is “CFD Modeling” anyway? We run airflow and temperature testing from the safety of a computer screen instead of at your facility.

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