Meet Our Founder

We are a passionate consulting firm and start-up incubator with the focus of putting the planet first. I founded Earth First Alliance (EFA) with hopes of building an epic community, to help others and to promote this mantra. This is something I am super passionate about. Let’s connect and work together to achieve great things!

-Dana Etherington, Engineer & Founder | MSE, PE, CEM, BEMP, WELL AP, LEED AP, CPHC

Dana has worked in the buildings industry and sustainability arena for 15+ years. One of his first jobs as a teenager was at his father’s HVAC contracting company north of Boston. While there, Dana cleaned cooling coils, changed filters and helped hang ductwork. As an undergrad at UNH, Dana worked on a senior project that put him on his path. This project focused on improving the campus data center via energy analysis and CFD modeling.

Dana has been involved in all aspects of building design and operation. This includes maintenance, HVAC design, energy modeling and CFD analysis. He has led national sustainability initiatives, helped clients achieve green building certification and served as “Director of Energy & Sustainability” at a large MEP firm (learn more). He is an active member of the community, regularly speaks at conferences and events and is a consistent proponent of sustainability in all aspects of business and life.

Dana is a licensed mechanical engineer in MA, ME, NH, VT and NY. He also holds credentials related to energy modeling, energy auditing, LEED, WELL and Passive House design standards.

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